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The Jumbled Silence

October 22, 2008


“It is what I can see makes me inarticulate.” Advertisements

Relocating the Argument

September 18, 2007


It is no good where we are.  Not at all.   The argument needs relocating.  Just a few blades of grass survive, if that.  Sticking out of the cracks between the broken paving. 

dreams in plastic bags

July 6, 2007


ontology taxonomy phylum genus species type kind sort class pigeon hole peg label Boom Boom Boom Tap Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Tap Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Tap Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Tap Boom Boom pipe smoke in rooms cigarettes cigar butts men seating ladies on their seats in Lyons cafés drumming on desks dads doodling in pencil rain light […]

Stone upon Stone

July 3, 2007


The significant buildings of a city, its churches, its cathedrals, these work as the icons of place, they make a particular place recognisable, in this sense they create its soul.  Here are the landmarks of the world, in this way, constructed from beautiful local stone; that tend to be beautiful in themselves.  But there is a further consideration to […]

Happy Days

June 22, 2007


Saw Beckett’s Happy Days.  Unending daylight.  The apocalypse.  A fossilized narrative sense. The ‘story’ has stopped.  Or almost stopped.  Nothing happens.  Or: almost nothing happens.  Only a toothbrush and a handbag occur as events along with Willie’s reading a ‘stopped’ newspaper, his body crawling over the rubble.

Reason’s Idiots

June 20, 2007


Foolishness can be rational too.

Tin China

June 19, 2007


Kafka’s story: the innocent seeming phrases always yielding to contradiction; endlessly, dismayingly; the material beyond the scope of reason. For example, the beginning of the Great Wall of China; something like: “The Great Wall of China was completed …” (ah so, it was finished!) “…in its North Eastern Section.” (Ah, so it wasn’t finished.) One […]