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Relocating the Argument

September 18, 2007


It is no good where we are.  Not at all.   The argument needs relocating.  Just a few blades of grass survive, if that.  Sticking out of the cracks between the broken paving.  Advertisements

Cake not Water

June 14, 2007


In The Passages of Joy the poet Thom Gunn writes about self-expression in a paradoxical way; in what amounts to a rare moment of self-revelation, he writes against it, seeing it as a form of disease.  The class he is taking have been writing poems about their lives. The subjects that they write about are traumatic and fraught: subjects such […]


June 8, 2007


… Suppose a phone text face image. Perhaps the recipient sees the texter.  But, categorically, seeing what?  A stand-in for the face; or is it the face?  To what extent is the face represented – and to what extent is it the face – ?  Is there anything to argue what we must say – ? The […]

A mask, Wuthering Heights

June 7, 2007


A mask is like a still from a film, like a frame from a comic strip.  A moment.  A guessable quantity, implied, transparent.  As with the masks of tragedy and comedy.  An umbrella just as the sun is breaking out – suppose that a mask.  Wuthering Heights‘ story seems to come from nothing real. And it seems too commonplace, also, but this insipidity […]

A Childhood Idyll

June 6, 2007


Novels are house bound phenomena. They express a species of exile where our lives are either in the process of becoming, or have wholly become, urbanised; a kind of mourning. A grief, like one of those elongated faces you see on painted African masks; for a loss that cannot be rectified: whatever the ostensible subject […]

In the idiom of self-reflection

June 5, 2007


The idea of politics is delusional – in so far as politics is self-reflection.  To look out at the world is to see oneself reflected in it.  To be interested in the world is to be dis-interested in its reality, beyond that which will serve one’s interests.  In these terms we live in a culture of self-deception in the supposition that […]