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The Parody of Reversal

November 1, 2008


This is an age that doesn’t need a double since any individual is already two people by a simple act of inadvertence.  The peppery surface of an electronic screen.  Its sim doesn’t have to be real, it has only to be a world.  Obviously, we are talking about a cultural creation – reality.  Like the concept ‘normal’ […]

Ants Again

June 6, 2008


If prose is a line of ants then I can only write one ant at a time; moreover, they aren’t all following the same script.

New Clothes

May 18, 2008


Everything changes – .  Looks the same.  Old things come back and I don’t know my own ignorance – at all.  And keep tripping over it.  The grass wires at each step snag my toes – a water of string – the proposition of knowing one’s ignorance is past grasping.  Suppose a glass tank filled with […]

Writing on

November 2, 2007


Most of my writing is form of place-holding.  A kind of ’something ought to go here’ gesture, so that I can remember – if vaguely – that I need to keep thinking about this.  You try out different things, often half-heartedly.  They are all place-holders, some better than others; some just bad, stupid; some near the […]