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Unaccompanied Music

October 28, 2008


What is to be said in the case of a re-recorded song, reinterpreted by the same artist – at a much later date?  I am thinking of Randy Newman’s Songbook I for example. Advertisements

The Jurisdiction of Modern Physics

October 23, 2008


Today’s Important Thought: “We are still under the jurisdiction of the physics that ruled the dinosaurs.”

Postmodern Light Switches

May 7, 2008


So, the light switch as postmodern!  Typically, is a smoothed off ‘rocker’ switch.  It does not protrude from the wall, it is a light switch without a specific click or position – no on or off; the switch position is unreadable, ambiguous.  The act of examining the switch physically yields no information.  It should be simple: but: on or […]

Trainers (2)

November 22, 2007


One can see the popularity of wearing trainers as part of the common impulse, which we share in through a kind of cultural indavertence, and which can be seen with other things too, for getting back in touch with our instincts.  Since we seem to be ‘out of touch’ with the body ways are sought of […]

The Weather

November 7, 2007


“nobody ever rioted for austerity”  [George Monbiot, Heat.] Global warming is a postmodern thing. That is in that it is not a thing – seemingly – but a dilemma: an – ‘is it or isn’t it a thing?’ – thing. It finds its natural place in advertising (see Monbiot’s chapter ‘The Denial Industry’). There is no […]

The Concept of Place

October 19, 2007


Auge’s Non-Places argues that the concept of place has ceased to have a context identifiable with the place itself. Out of South London, under the river via the Blackwall Tunnel up through the Lea Valley soon bowling through the maze of sunless flyovers and underpasses towards the M11, voyaging, the concrete triple lanes, the slab-sided walls patterned to a […]

What it is it isn’t

October 17, 2007


Call it the “postmodern moment.”  Is it true to say that it is to the instrument and not the thing in itself or the end in itself that the expression now most applies: It isn’t what it is -?  That is, to what used once to be art’s territory, almost exclusively.  Once, only art said this.  Now (we might say) […]