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Relocating the Argument

September 18, 2007


It is no good where we are.  Not at all.   The argument needs relocating.  Just a few blades of grass survive, if that.  Sticking out of the cracks between the broken paving. 

Hell’s Kitchen (Scrap 2)

July 5, 2007


“The meaning of a word is its use.” (W) If a thing’s definition is provided by the context of its perception, in so far as ‘the use perceives the thing’ – then in the mass media what you have – the infotainment picture as it were – is a context that in so far as use or sense […]

Iraq is in a Postmodern War (Scrap 1)

July 4, 2007


Taking as our information eidolon Andy Warhol’s screen print cans of soup, as an icon key to the postmodern – you sit yourself down at the table … WHOOPS!  Sorry, forgot it wasn’t real; forgot it was just a paper chair – ok, stay sat!!! – don’t move – we have an information technology that in […]

Freedom’s Failure (3)

June 29, 2007


A modern consumerist society dissolves the distinctions between good and evil, right and wrong, in the absolutist senses that used to apply to daily human conduct. For the most part rules for living are now informal. I think we would now be shocked by the sorts of social expectations, conformities, and restrictions that existed until […]