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Tube Map

August 4, 2007


hanging from that abstraction the thread of the city Advertisements

A Modern Catechism

July 2, 2007


If I ask you how old the world is you should know the answer.  If I ask you about the age of modern man you should know the answer.  If I ask you about the unit of the measurement of light you should know the answer.  But you don’t.  The story of the modern world […]

Freedom’s Failure (2)

June 28, 2007


After all, look at me.  Have I changed?  I wear my hat.  Grey as dust.  Can I?  No?  Yes?

Freedom’s Failure

June 27, 2007


To what degree can an act be pessimistic?  And is it something that should be thought about at all, how much of a failure this or that act is likely to be?  Should the idiom be: Fail again, fail better?  You set out to change the world but in the end it is the trivial that commands […]

Reason’s Idiots (2)

June 26, 2007


A C Grayling on God is not Great.  [Independent on Sunday, 24 Jun 07.] He behaves in the usual way; cheers from the sidelines someone who has the rational steadiness to realise folly when he sees it.  But one has to question how this can be rational: “Hitchens … answers the weary canard that the […]