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The Rational Being

November 26, 2007


Perhaps my most fundamental illusion is this.  That people exist in a rational state of being.  That I do too.  At base it is a political illusion that I should think this.  Indeed, because it concerns the ‘total economy’ of how one functions. I mean something like the following.  That I tend to suppose that rationality […]

Swallows 2, Quarantine

August 10, 2007


Fiction can be used as a way of quarantining those parts of the world with which one does not identify, that are inimical.  Forty days and forty nights.  Swallows and Amazons.  Tintin also … What is quarantined is never stated.  But the effect is to render the world innocent of the quarantined thing.

Reality, an Adventure in (edited)

June 3, 2007


When I first read Swallows and Amazons, as a boy, as with many of the other novels that I read, but especially this one – I remember being repeatedly struck by the way that here was a story – .  My life lacked this altogether; it had no story in it. Indeed that feeling of a […]

Another Blind Moment

March 19, 2007


Standing in a train is sometimes like standing in a wardrobe full of old clothes. The train is crowded.