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The Anti-Poem

June 7, 2008


Poetry’s sense ‘cannot be articulated’.  Its achievement is silence.  In the moment of impossibility, of the experience that cannot be articulated, so, thus it begins.  Then how does one write it, experiencing this, in which the impulse to express gets crushed by virtue of the simple reality into which it is born?  Well, life is fatally predictable here of course; it […]

The Anti

June 2, 2008



The Literal Truth

March 25, 2008


Early period Pink Floyd is better than middle or late Pink Floyd. The Adventures of Odysseus are better than The Adventures of Bilbo Baggins.  Flat cartoons are better than three dimensional … Why is it more interesting to say “There you will find the desert” – the void – than “There you will find djinns”?  […]


February 18, 2008


This morning ten minutes before sunrise the sky a huge orange blade horizon to horizon, faintly ominous, unnatural-looking.  Above that, tinge of pink (colour?) the same – horizon to horizon.  Watched the orange turn grapefruit then lemon, then sherbet, then just pale.  15 minutes = sun shining.

The Hidden Wheel

February 8, 2008


A coffee shop.  Two glass sides.  On the left hand side reflections.  Directly to the front, the glass doors.  Closed now to the cold air.   Conical form of the paper cup.  Hemisphere of the china cup in its saucer.  The table flat.  Inspect its grain.  Plastic wood.  Fine plastic grain, like untreated pine of some sort perhaps, but […]

… Marginal Potencies of the Absolute

January 25, 2008


The Number 1. The bubbles on beer. Reflections. The granularity of surfaces. The rim of a glass.

How to Write a Poem in Seventeen Parts

January 9, 2008


 * Fibreboard people Talk while They walk in Folded lines Suspended over a Fibreboard fruit flan *  Something unexpected has happened.  After many years of rigidly adhering to the principle – or the practice let’s call it – of not doodling I now find that I habitually doodle whenever I have a spare moment and pen […]