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A Photo Casebook #

September 5, 2007


A man with a tattooed forehead.  The waterfront at The Wheel. The holiday makers snapping.  In his 50s.  He  walks through, expression downcast, the tattoo’s loud noise is fatiguing to his eyes – boom!  He wishes to disown it, that obvious biddability. Downcast by the ambiguous need to be seen he wants a quality exactly opposite to this.  Is […]

Underground Inc.

September 3, 2007


Comedy contains the virus of reality. George Formby for example.  (To change the example.)  ( 1 lux of ink = 10 blank stanzas written on blue cardboard)

A Wipe Clean Surface

June 13, 2007


When I was little, there was a toy craze. It was over those magic slates. You’d draw something to erase it by lifting the plastic surface sheet.  Instantly!  The childishly fascinating phenomenon of erasure brought up the, to my mind, equally interesting question: of what was the main point of these things?  Was it to […]

Flat Track

June 13, 2007


Prose is the body’s temperature.  The human voice.  Inside – outside.  As a simultaneity.  Pictured as flat print on a four-cornered headless hat.  A wallpaper widget, a pat of flat.  A voice; recorded by feather, once, appropriately enough, now it is an energy pulse; an onscreen steady state light.  Heatless heat.  Warmth in a place. Simultaneously one is inside […]


June 12, 2007


I have acquired an unexpected addiction to work.  To the world of work.  To the routine of work.  To the very act of getting to work.  To looking at people on trains; sharing a space with them for ten or so minutes and then leaving that space forever, to go through the same procedure again in […]