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Old Secret

October 3, 2013


Like a fire that produces ashes but in the sift that you don’t think about midway through its burn, is it a secret with the old that as they get older the imaginary nature of their being, the ashes, becomes more obvious to them? Advertisements

Islands in exile

October 1, 2013


Literature is the imaginary island that we are in the habit of constantly leaving, to go elsewhere; it is lived in without the space it inhabits ever being occupied.  It is left without first being entered.  What do I remember of where not reading took me?

TV Free

June 28, 2013


In the community of the free the ultimate endorsement throws a handshape through the empty bottle

In the laboratory of the void

September 23, 2012


In a scientific community of one, I understand that God exists – or doesn’t exist – when that community faces its final and least reportable experience.  As an atheist in the discovery of the void, which stands in God’s place, there is a voidal afterlife, but I can never  make in the discovery of ‘existence’ any sense of what […]

To what degree is a shake of the fist postmodern?

September 23, 2012


The raised fist of victory. Does it exist in the present day world? Is there such a thing as victory – ?

The Deformation

June 18, 2012


Postmodernism is a deformation (The Deformation). The loss of confidence in, faith in, Men who have a Narrative, in the understanding of the rational project, not voluntarily – it is not as in the Modernist aesthetic – since it marks a flight from reality – brings us to the main issue: is it a car is it a boat […]

The Ad: a superlative function

May 21, 2012


One of advertising’s useful functions is that it destroys the reality of the superlative.