In the laboratory of the void

Posted on September 23, 2012


In a scientific community of one, I understand that God exists – or doesn’t exist – when that community faces its final and least reportable experience.  As an atheist in the discovery of the void, which stands in God’s place, there is a voidal afterlife, but I can never  make in the discovery of ‘existence’ any sense of what that existence means.   The final experiment determines not existence and not even nothing.  In any case, in my scientific community of one, haven’t I a problem if I don’t exist either, even so?  Is it to be said, before this goes any further than the blackboard, and we put out the cat and douse the fire in the ant hill, that in this case, a rule is to be observed: so that if for “you” ie for anyone, a something can only exist if you exist , so then since you don’t exist neither does even existence exist …?  I keep thinking of where I put my pillow.

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