The pane of metaphysics

Posted on December 16, 2010


What is metaphysics?  You have to try and grasp it, like a cut of lead pipe, wherein the sense of the word stands in the practical aspect of daily life, in which (let me spell it out for you) the meaning of that thing which is metaphysical refers to the consequences of an activity.  The consequence of an activity?  What on earth is that?  Let me try to state this clearly.  The consequence of an activity is the part of it that initiated it.  That is pretty clear.  The process that needs to be understood (let me spell it out for you again) is the process wherein identifying reality with life takes place: as in spreading a slice of toast with peanut butter.  This is the metaphysical act.   In other words the peanut butter initiated by the toast.  It is not, therefore, a ‘given’ but there is a kind of psychological decision or acceptance, made on the basis of who you think you are – or on the basis of what experience seems to teach you about the nature of what is.

This is how metaphysics works: it is about understanding the concept of life, in any given instance of the ‘existence of life’, as real absolutely, which however does not denote existence.  On the contrary.  The key to the understanding of what we are talking about is not “what exists” but what is made to exist.

This is hardly to be called an esoteric practice of abstracting from generalised theoretical concepts whatever is concrete therefore.  I mean, despite the esoteric sound of the word don’t be misled: you are dealing with something which for most people is the very quintessence of mundane.  The trigger to someone’s violent behaviour for example can be regarded as a metaphysical axis.  “What exists” is not what exists but for someone but for whom existence means that they have no alternative but to behave violently – they think.  Their absolute despair over what let’s say to a detached bystander, looking at it externally, is a contingent matter that can easily be sidestepped = for them on the contrary, it concerns whatever it is which is wholly real, which for them simply exists or just is.  The persistent ‘fatalism’ of someone’s general outlook.  It is because of “what exists”.    And so forth.  Triggering a ‘necessary’ action.

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