Saving Planet Earth by Plagiarism and Parataxis

Posted on November 26, 2010


I grew up under the image of the bomb. Present generations are growing up under the image of the world – again – still ending, but differently ending, better or worse, who knows – but drowning in a hurricane of sea borne effluent, whilst facing starvation and drought for example. The question that can be asked here is how such a picture is to be responded to, given our transparent, obvious helplessness as individuals faced with such outcomes. The world may go to hell but what can we do about it? It is interesting to look at the kind of behaviour that results from this cultural projection of the apocalypse as self-made. I – a human being – make what I don’t construct: the end of the world. Faced with this awareness what do I do? What kinds of attitude do I strike? Does it change my behaviour? Or supposing it does, how would I know, in being who I am and not some kind of (for example) Edwardian Other, who is able to live out his dreams in an Enid Blyton or Arthur Ransome style of existence of horse drawn cabs and beeping Austins … What kind of effect does it have on a person’s psyche to know that first and foremost the world is a cultural problem – ? Back to the grasshopper. As a convivial being none of this is real. The world entirely makes its own sense and shows absolutely no signs of ending … But consider too the ant, and her ways …


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