Common ownership of the means of production

Posted on November 23, 2010


This has always been delusional. There are no real examples of it.  Sparta?  Well then in the production of soldiers.  On the other hand, the concept of private property is persistent … Marx seems to equate power with justice. “Ultimately there will be justice.” But that is a religious, not a rational idea.  You could also argue that in the longer term private property as a concept doesn’t work either. But it is the only example there is of a working social reality that most would agree with. There are no other instances of an economics working thus in a Western context.  What this revolves around is that which can be understood as an end in itself, as against instrumentally. The indignation that Capitalism gives rise to, that it instrumentalises everything, this in turn raises the question of what it is that is to be understood as an end in itself, besides, that the instrumentalising forces of human society could be govered by.

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