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The Past

February 24, 2010


The personality of dust /doubt /doubles the remote access the wardrobe door of the line of cloud on the horizon shading into a glooming swung shut on its mirrored hinge: the past yields only unvaried disturbance Advertisements

Genre Fiction

February 22, 2010


They are a kind of equivalent of Westerns, but in postmodern form, the Harry Potter books or any number of manga or anime cartoons. The audience is all ages.  But the frontier is childhood.

Super six often 10 funny men

February 16, 2010


Blair was after being called after a Bowie song. Initials: SC. (Scary monsters.) In such terms Cameron is a proto-C. And I don’t mean cat or c*** or even curtastrophe or carp.

Without visible means of support

February 10, 2010


Van Vogt: an Archimedes of the unreal.

Manga eyed

February 9, 2010


You have to ask why this basic cultural need. (In the west it could be dismissed as a form of infantilism or worse.)