The imagination of an axis

Posted on December 11, 2009


“This credit card is a population.” Perhaps I  imagine it as a people. As in an Anime cartoon: the heads scotch on a blank ground, reduced to single coloured lines, speak.  But these people aren’t actual.  Behind the tinted windows of an office glass: they move and think; the grey figures sit in full colour (in their working day; evenings spent travelling home to brass studded suburbias) at abstract desks, engaged in the abstract of art. Behind this credit card people babble who administrate the card … And yet they don’t exist.  Or do … But suppose an economy run by machines. There are no longer people. The agency of human intelligence like radio speak migrates to the extent of that card as entirely mechanically overseen. Throughout its lifetime of use never once a human being: not in connection with problems – nothing about what it is spent on: CDs, lights, pots, a sofa, an evening out; speaking in Chinese; folding a play in four in which someone lives in a caravan.  What shade of the human transmission does it stand in?  (“I and the card are one.”)

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