The robot doesn’t care

Posted on November 1, 2009


The unoccasioned object of self-expression: let’s put it like that.   A personality is expressed  but it has no location in circumstance, or its circumstance is universalised, becomes myth or fiction or image purely.  The sense in which this is to be understood is paradoxical therefore: the deliberate act of creating something for its own sake, which can be defined as art, or as as a person’s cultural expression, goes against the grain of life in so far as it has demands that are contradictory.  Something counterintuitive must be understood.  The expression of feeling creates the need for a mechanism that stands outside any specific individual identity. Culturally to be individual is to be rational.  If it is feeling that is to be expressed in this circumstance therefore then something other than the sense of self is required. This independent mechanism might be a natural skill for example, with words or music and so forth. The skill bestows a freedom because technique then replaces identity. Someone trying to express themselves simply by working according to their feelings will fail, if their first thought isn’t a technical one. Feeling is not a linear process but rationality is – and again, first and foremost as individuals we are rational beings: even if we have feelings we lack the intelligence that comes from feeling as imagination –

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