Who’s the Tallest?

Posted on July 28, 2009


There were once two tall children. Closely related. Identical twins in fact. But one ate only ham sandwiches and an apple washed down with a glass of cows milk, everyday, while the other ate only peas, carrots, mushrooms and nuts washed down with a glass of soya milk. One was a vegetarian but the other belonged to the class of omnivores. They were both exactly the same dimensions. They would argue over who was tallest.  In a way the facts didn’t matter.  One day, one, perhaps because of a glum feeling , or a momentary loss of concentration, or because he had just missed his bus – but he lost the argument. He accepted he was shorter than the other. Consequently, the other grew up tall; he was short.

Needless to say, with this true tall story, the short one became a best selling children’s novelist while the tall one being tall proved adept at stacking shelves in his local supermarket.

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