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Here is today’s thought

July 31, 2009


Here is today’s thought (this occured to me about ten minutes ago and I am so excited about it I have to get it off my chest): never write your thoughts down directly but first think strategically about how best to deploy them.

John asks himself …

July 29, 2009


Has the internet become an international form of curtain twitching?

Who’s the Tallest?

July 28, 2009


There were once two tall children. Closely related. Identical twins in fact. But one ate only ham sandwiches and an apple washed down with a glass of cows milk, everyday, while the other ate only peas, carrots, mushrooms and nuts washed down with a glass of soya milk. One was a vegetarian but the other […]

The Tall Cloud

July 27, 2009


If you ask how tall a cloud is I think you will know what I am talking about.

The Pearl Occluded

July 27, 2009


For much of the time I find language opaque.

An aeroplane of virtual infinity

July 17, 2009


Think of a computer as like an aeroplane of virtual infinity. That this library is like a kind of giant aeroplane of infinity. Its invisible wings stretching even to Oxford Street. Boys and girls, set the controls for the heart of the sun. Would you like to hear my disquisition on computers? Computers are microcosms […]

Duplicate vehicles with beeping horns

July 15, 2009


Wanting to duplicate objects can be interpreted as a desire to grasp their particularity. It can be understood as a kind of eroticism.

Big Ed

July 14, 2009


Top dog, Big Ed, der Furer; maestro.

The Republic of Laughter

July 8, 2009


Begin.  First.  No. 1.  I.  The greatest.  The one and only.  The quintessence of success.  Peerless. Without compare.  Handsome.  Beautiful.  I can see this world.  20 20.  Boss.  Expert.  The man in charge.  Top banana.  Capo.  The biggest cheese of all big cheeses.  Beyond equal.  In the premier league.  Best parking spot.  Royal box.  The most […]

I am intrigued

July 2, 2009


I am intrigued by what this modification does. The improved speed with which the game plays has given a huge fillip and to my interest in playing it and getting the most out of it it has increased tenfold; I get a much better sense of reality in and around the plane and things look […]