The Parody of Reversal

Posted on November 1, 2008


This is an age that doesn’t need a double since any individual is already two people by a simple act of inadvertence.  The peppery surface of an electronic screen.  Its sim doesn’t have to be real, it has only to be a world.  Obviously, we are talking about a cultural creation – reality.  Like the concept ‘normal’ reality’s concept doesn’t have a designated truly actual place … only an ‘approximation’.  A place that divides in two.  The more interesting simulations of ‘what is the original object’ – ? are those that somehow occupy a space of their own: don’t look real.  Just as a sand castle doesn’t resemble anything much but vague sand, with the interesting textures, as with rain’s patina, acheived within that … the thing itself standing as the sim’s inverse, or as turned inside out sim-wise like sand seen underneath (in reverse shadow) or as with the underneath top of a wave say or the lining of a coat which parodies the coat’s outside …  turning the lining into its mirror so there is another actual coat inside out: so what difference is there between the lining and the coat’s ‘real skin’ if that surface itself is the lining – in fact just like the icing that covers the cake with a pure and snow white white, eaten first?  Because once the food is eaten it becomes the skin.  The icing of that becomes the icing of me.  The movement of ice in all the jostling forms, the gut, the blood, the blook, all the animals of the slow organs in slow thought, squamous, a-squawk, the blue feathers of the starling, that are a-flutter inside me …

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