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The Picturesque

November 23, 2008


There are paintings that depict Horses and Carriages (by Monet or Pissaro, say) but few or no paintings of cars.  The distinctive idea of romance in the contemporary is missing.  Why is that?  Why is the car not picturesque?  Romantic?   Here what I mean by “romantic” has to do with the sense of the adventure of the individual imagination as […]

Baritone to Falsetto

November 21, 2008


Imagine formats for CDs or mp3s that are ‘interactive’.   An environmental music.  Up to a point it is a technology already available; allowing the listener’s mood partly to create the music (even if this isn’t strictly possible).  But suppose electronically adjustable parameters: ranges, scales.   For the sake of simplicity say a prima donna mode.  This can be adjusted like […]

discombobulated floom as parataxis: Persiflage++++++++++++ to Hyperflottel

November 9, 2008


Persiflax to hyperflie!   discombobulated calcimyalinack!   Racism is not a state of mind.   Not in its origins.   It would be better to describe it as a spontaneous expression of identity.  Identity which finds its device in difference as an emotion – in a sense of things not identified with emotionally but rationally: difference finds the […]

An Infinity of Imaginary Sand

November 3, 2008


What’s real consists in the instrumentation that’s designed to measure real.  The attitude indicator or the vertical velocity dial or the radar.  Like the eye seeing the instrument sees even in the midst of cloud.  But if what it sees is an infinity of imaginary sand?  But what matter if there is still an identifiable horizon?

The Parody of Reversal

November 1, 2008


This is an age that doesn’t need a double since any individual is already two people by a simple act of inadvertence.  The peppery surface of an electronic screen.  Its sim doesn’t have to be real, it has only to be a world.  Obviously, we are talking about a cultural creation – reality.  Like the concept ‘normal’ […]