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Humour is not a component part of rational life

July 31, 2008



Recorded Music

July 23, 2008


What we understand as ‘the thing that it is’, with modern music, the ‘recording’, the artifact or record, can be described as a kind of platonic ideal; it takes on an objectivity that makes it the ‘thing in itself’, the ding an sich, which all live performances are but the pale imitation of; often this is an accurate summation: it is in the nature of […]


July 21, 2008


Every plate has a painted outer rim – or not.

The rational mind has no …

July 8, 2008


Suppose.  The world that common sense acquaints us with is not very real … such that what is more real … is what is not the case according to common sense: the more real is to be found elsewhere: in the impossible … Which is the only permissable.  This is the world’s unleavened ground: what is not the case.  Impossibility.  […]

The human mind is not a functional unit

July 7, 2008


What I am thinking of here is the idea of what matters.  Different people have utterly different ideas of what matters.  Totally different concepts of wisdom, of what it is to be alive or what have you.  Just read any set of opinions on any topic.  No one agrees about anything.  Or small cliques form […]