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Posted on April 3, 2008


It can be a puzzle what people are worth.

£250 a time, says my lawyer; just for one quarter hour.  And he earns every penny, incidentally.  Cheap compared to most.  Do you hear that? Those who intend stealing these stars, my words, with the cloudy-headed thought on a windy day smacking of images perfumed with the flavour of locks and keys taking them without payment because of the belief that they cost nothing.  The clown with no hair marches on.

My dentist charges £150 a drilling.

The baker charges £1.20 a loaf; £0.80 gets eight scones.

The Independent cuts £0.80.  Its worth, a packet of crisps.

You meet someone and wonder at how they earn their money; then think – realise – that in their place you would view things much the same way; the same taken for granted perspective would be adopted.  Just as with say reading a newspaper.  It doesn’t matter which newspaper; after a while you just get used to it.  Your mind takes on a shape; and you editorialise by precisely those principles so events, people and scandals find themselves quivered into the columns and pictures of a given relative importance even though – in the next aisle as it were – another newspaper quarters its columns and pictures its squares and news in a way utterly different and indignation rings a quite different set of bells to Sunday.

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