A Global Identity

Posted on December 7, 2007


“This -”

As in: “This world is inhabited by other creatures.”

They are affected by the rise in global temperatures too.

So: the world.  The material world. 

“The polar bears will be wiped out because of human activity.”

When heated the water boils.  Every time it is heated: boiling.

“Every time that happens.”

“Precipitation is the result of evapouration.  The two things are connected, inevitable.  The one is because of the other.”

“Yeats or Keats: whomsoever you read it is the same world.”

“The gun shoots the wild bird as well as the tame.”

“It kills the creature as dead in one case as it does the other.”

We inhabit the same world.

That can’t be contradicted, can it.

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