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A Window into Consciousness

December 31, 2007


The Night.  The Person.  The Place. Viewing the ragged horizon from the fifth floor of the Building. The dark draws in and the lit windows pick out the name zigzag fashion.  A company, ViKor, is spelt out. The West side advert to the sinking sun; the name blocked in in the black as jewels glass.  The person on the right leg of […]

One Two

December 18, 2007


A wrinkled box of water.  I into a painted corner unlock the blue clatter of the tin.  On this is the island on which I live where birds fly high nothing survives the four winds into which the dust motes speed like the red nailed barbs of the cactus animals that society has bent on pasteurisation.  The verb denotes […]

Postmodernism – definitions

December 14, 2007


The postmodernist condition describes our absolute divorce from Nature.  Scientific, technological, cultural.  Religious. Life moves against no ground.  Where am I writing this?  Only the vague idea of a planet persists.  And that is that, but still it doesn’t say where I am.  Technologically I stand ‘outside’.  I say I am English.  This is English.  Pinglish. The shopping […]


December 13, 2007


Positing the concept of infinity is our way of making a face for the wilderness.  But that articulation is a finitude. 

Infinity: Where is It?

December 11, 2007


A worm in the rain: does it occupy infinity?  Is that why birds sing?  To make the incorrigible real.  Life is a two way street.  Infinity Street.  For Finite lives on it too: on Finite Street = this world, which is wholly ordinary.  Infinity … Picture someone with their eyes in bandages, throwing a dart at a […]

The Ownership of the Actual

December 10, 2007


Is it true?  Is objectivity a matter of who owns it? What kind of world does a flea die into? Objectivity says: this is a world of rational limit. And it is – to rationality.  But a flea is not a rational being. It is fundamental to things that they are ‘wild’. Of course.  And the rationality of […]

What doesn’t exist

December 9, 2007


I am inclined to say that the world exists because of what doesn’t exist.  Yet how can what is borrow from what isn’t? Since it is not as though it actually rests on such ethereal foundations.  Like a rock afloat on air.