The TV

Posted on October 31, 2007


They knocked down Logie Baird’s house last week, subliminal vengeance perhaps for his visiting tv on the world, since, among other things, that is, inter alia of course, the advent of tv is associated with alien invasion.  The tv is the ‘foreign house’ in the house of the real world, that sits inside the ‘foreign house’ – somewhere at its furthest edge; away from everything: so that it is unlike the box of the washing machine, say or the box of dishwasher or the box of the fridge, because the tv is a box of indeterminacy, increasingly rude and mannerless; but amazingly, votively real.  So make friends with it and it will be friends with you.  But be angry with it, and find yourself forever shunned by human society, afraid to walk out the front door because of the fear that it has instilled in you; the fear that a dalek for example or something will be standing at the end of the garden path waiting to spray you with deadly fizzle, never minding the flowers or trees.

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