One end of a conversation

Posted on October 28, 2007


The mobile, the cell phone, displaces the speaker from their, from his or her, immediate environs.  It does this to the extent that in projection the speaker seems to inhabit a kind of ‘elsewhere’ nowhere, a kind of interstice that exists somewhere between the two in conversation, and so by this token not a place anywhere in actuality.  It is perhaps some sort of reflex ideality that the two speakers compose, a sort of amalgam bubble of talk, or alloy speakeasy; a place that both would rather be (sometime).  Someone walking a dog in a woods in Dulwich is speaking to a friend in north Italy (somewhere).  The friend is driving her car through mountains, so that a zone neither woods nor the car on the Italian road exists but in that alloy of the ideality.  Perhaps it most resembles an idyll – an ‘I wish I was there and she wishes she was here’; a but-yet-neither place in reality to satisfy that call into electronica and greet it with dismay.    I speak into the phone and so am not here but somewhere on the way to the person to whom I – .  And I do this not from a fixed address but from within myspace, which is wherever I happen to be.

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