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A Modernism

October 31, 2007


If Modernism represents a split between worlds, as between the objective and the subjective, then Postmodernism represents the re-fusion; the unwieldy rejoining of these ‘two’ halves of life – which is the same as saying that it shows there were never – really – the two halves to start with.  There is no hermeneutics of a […]

The TV

October 31, 2007


They knocked down Logie Baird’s house last week, subliminal vengeance perhaps for his visiting tv on the world, since, among other things, that is, inter alia of course, the advent of tv is associated with alien invasion.  The tv is the ‘foreign house’ in the house of the real world, that sits inside the ‘foreign house’ – somewhere […]

The Washing Machine

October 30, 2007


The ‘river’ has disappeared into a ‘washing machine’.  The glass porthole.  The electric slurp.  The feeling that things are going forward, that life is in motion, the feeling of a gently rocking boat on a flat shiny surface, the smooth flowing stream finding its way to the sea.  Something is taking place; just as Mrs Tiggywinkle did once in expunging […]

The Fridge

October 30, 2007


One of life’s essential luxury items.  The glamour of a fifties America, an open plain, there where the Thunderbirds zoom Mainstreet: open the door and the future also opens; the light that your eyes wonderingly find illuminates the frosty body of a perfection.  A fridge is a box of weather.  The first truly climate-controlled zone of the house, antecedent to air conditioning […]

One end of a conversation

October 28, 2007


The mobile, the cell phone, displaces the speaker from their, from his or her, immediate environs.  It does this to the extent that in projection the speaker seems to inhabit a kind of ‘elsewhere’ nowhere, a kind of interstice that exists somewhere between the two in conversation, and so by this token not a place anywhere in actuality.  […]

The Simulation

October 26, 2007


A simulation is a ‘story that is not a story’. The year is 1918. The story starts in the cockpit of an SE5a biplane with the instruction to escort a flight of bombers scheduled to attack a German airfield behind enemy lines; the airfield is to the north east in Cambrai, it is about five […]


October 24, 2007


I awoke this morning, reluctantly, by degrees, in shadows, solidifying but not clear about who I was.  A familiar anxiety hung in the air, partly sponsored by dreams, the anxiety that I wasn’t real; that I didn’t really exist; that I had never even been to school.  Or if I had been in school then I had been unable […]

The Outfit

October 23, 2007


One is ruled by image; everything is appearance.  This fact, documented by novelists; since it informs their observational material in large part; raises the question of how then, it is so vague to us, how it is so ill-seen, such a cloud of nothing, that here lies the dictator, posing in the mirror and setting out […]

Philosophy as Knowledge

October 22, 2007


“The overwhelming desire of society today is to assume that equal powers of reason are a universal heritage of humanity.  It may well be.  But simply wanting this to be the case is not enough.  This is not science..” -Reported to be the words of gene scientist, James Watson The understanding that all humans are born equal […]

The Concept of Place

October 19, 2007


Auge’s Non-Places argues that the concept of place has ceased to have a context identifiable with the place itself. Out of South London, under the river via the Blackwall Tunnel up through the Lea Valley soon bowling through the maze of sunless flyovers and underpasses towards the M11, voyaging, the concrete triple lanes, the slab-sided walls patterned to a […]