23. A Human Face

Posted on September 20, 2007


For human beings here is the centre of life.  The place of life is the mask, dividing the known from the unknown.

Like a cloud that suddenly turns transparent, perhaps.

Life is paradoxical: the cloud of unknowing illuminates a transparency in the shape of the human face.

As to what someone is it is impossible to say.  One can only look them in the face.  Experience finds a coherence in the human physiognomy.  Call it the home of human experience.  Say that here in the human face is the house of knowledge.  Here is where all the battles are fought, finally.

This is where ‘God’ sits; this is the inhabitation of ‘Nature’.


The human face is the face of the unknown.

To look at someone’s face is to glance at the truth.  Only thus is there an “I” or a being alive (so to speak).

… For what is the “I”; what is the thing that lives, is aware,  what is the thing that in order to be, intends …?

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