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Posted on September 17, 2007


God didn’t drop the atom bomb; but neither did Nature.

We are surrounded by the unfathomable; but we turn that into a routine.  We change infinity into a tube ticket.  That is the human condition.  We are ignorant that we are ignorant.  Then comes the blow, war, which demonstrates this ignorance by its discovery of absence.  How neither God nor Nature is present.

I am saying that this is the human condition; that this is what we keep confronting in human affairs; that this is the precipitate of human experience.  The substance of our history as a species is the slow but persistent repeated discovery that we don’t ‘fit’ anywhere.  That somehow we are not made to fit anywhere.  Every new political order is predicated on the idea a new ideal but that (natural) hubris fails.  It is preordained, since it will only discover our smallness, our insignificance, our meaninglessness, again.

So what is a human being ?

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