A Photo Casebook #

Posted on September 5, 2007


A man with a tattooed forehead.  The waterfront at The Wheel. The holiday makers snapping.  In his 50s.  He  walks through, expression downcast, the tattoo’s loud noise is fatiguing to his eyes – boom!  He wishes to disown it, that obvious biddability. Downcast by the ambiguous need to be seen he wants a quality exactly opposite to this.  Is the world home to you because of the availability of the right sort of visibility? Standing amongst friends? Noising the visual with independent life he wants to vanish.   

When that whistle blows
Girl, I’m down the street
I’m home, I’m out of my work clothes
When I’m out in the street
I walk the way I wanna walk
When I’m out in the street
I talk the way I wanna talk

Springsteen’s ‘lean to’ Baby/They mythic: Where is sense to be found?  Find a wall and prop something against it.  Work/Play Youth/Age Home/Street Girl/Marriage Car/Poverty Dancing/Fighting Wild/Tame Near/Far.


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