Hell’s Kitchen (Scrap 2)

Posted on July 5, 2007


“The meaning of a word is its use.” (W) If a thing’s definition is provided by the context of its perception, in so far as ‘the use perceives the thing’ – then in the mass media what you have – the infotainment picture as it were – is a context that in so far as use or sense are concerned is no context at all.  A McDonalds on the Moon would be much the same as the McDonalds in Bluewater, which would be the same as …  Food without context.  The Martian Foot Pump of the blow up of reality.  I need food but – in a sense that food has to be from somewhere if I am to see it – the food in a supermarket however has no season.  No locale defines it; no provenance is visible for it.  So that it is as if it is invisible and the event of eating never really happens.  Or it happens only in the sense of being borrowed: like the money that I use to buy something from the shop that – since I borrowed it – doesn’t truly bestow on me a sense of possession wen I get the item.  I find that I am only an intermediary in the process of discovering what actually possesses the object – which of course is time … This kind of experience resonates with us because life has become so like a fantasy.  Detached, dissociated.  Fragmented.  So with news items.  Something akin to the supermarket experience might happen say in an aircraft hanger with a million post-it notes being blown in sundry directions by a wind machine, some of them occasionally sticking to your forehead or other part of your anatomy … You pick one off look at it – the news of dismay; for it says “REALITY TV” or – unluckier still – DARFUR – or BIRD EXTINCTION – or THE DEAD OCEAN – or (again to get back to the bland and blind) HELL’S KITCHEN.

Reality, context, disappears.

So we seek to replace reality with certainty.

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