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dreams in plastic bags

July 6, 2007


ontology taxonomy phylum genus species type kind sort class pigeon hole peg label Boom Boom Boom Tap Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Tap Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Tap Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Tap Boom Boom pipe smoke in rooms cigarettes cigar butts men seating ladies on their seats in Lyons cafés drumming on desks dads doodling in pencil rain light […]

Hell’s Kitchen (Scrap 2)

July 5, 2007


“The meaning of a word is its use.” (W) If a thing’s definition is provided by the context of its perception, in so far as ‘the use perceives the thing’ – then in the mass media what you have – the infotainment picture as it were – is a context that in so far as use or sense […]

Iraq is in a Postmodern War (Scrap 1)

July 4, 2007


Taking as our information eidolon Andy Warhol’s screen print cans of soup, as an icon key to the postmodern – you sit yourself down at the table … WHOOPS!  Sorry, forgot it wasn’t real; forgot it was just a paper chair – ok, stay sat!!! – don’t move – we have an information technology that in […]

Stone upon Stone

July 3, 2007


The significant buildings of a city, its churches, its cathedrals, these work as the icons of place, they make a particular place recognisable, in this sense they create its soul.  Here are the landmarks of the world, in this way, constructed from beautiful local stone; that tend to be beautiful in themselves.  But there is a further consideration to […]

A Modern Catechism

July 2, 2007


If I ask you how old the world is you should know the answer.  If I ask you about the age of modern man you should know the answer.  If I ask you about the unit of the measurement of light you should know the answer.  But you don’t.  The story of the modern world […]